Just ordered the WM 162 F

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Just ordered the WM 162 F

Post by mike_o » Mon Jan 11, 2021 4:38 pm

Just ordered my first doll: https://realdolldepot.com/Shop/WM%20162-81-266.htm
Alain was great! He was patient and answered all my questions.
Great first impression (customer service is top notch).

The one I ordered is suppose to be 162 E dimensions, but with bigger boobs, so hopefully that works out for me :W

Model: 162 E | 162 F | 162 F (ordered)
Weight: 35kg | 35kg | 35kg
Height: 162cm | 162cm | 162cm
Breast: 81cm | 83cm | 94cm
Under B: 65cm | 56cm | 65cm
Waist: 57cm | 54cm | 57cm
Hip: 91cm | 87cm | 91cm
Arm: 68cm | 65cm |
Leg: 83cm | 91cm |

Looking forward to receiving it
Will review it once I have it :D

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Re: Just ordered the WM 162 F

Post by Hotnuts » Sun Jan 17, 2021 12:34 am

Wow! Those dolls are so good looking. Hope you gonna share a few pictures.
For sure you will be happy with her.

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